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Bin Locks

to save the planet

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14.7m tonnes

of unsecured rubbish that sits on
our Australian streets every year,
this is an environmental time bomb.

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Flash floods

happen and the effects are material.
Unsecured rubbish means polluted streets,
parks and waterways.
Envirolock is the answer.

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Unsecured rubbish

is an invitation to hungry animals,
this elevates litter.

Why Do We Need Enviro Lock?

It’s a question that we are asked often and the answer is an easy one. We need to take some responsibility for securing our household rubbish to halt the environmental impact of it leaving its controlled environment before its too late.

Here are some quick facts to highlight the enormity of the issue at hand:

  • Australia’s population is 22.6m , we estimate this equates to approx. 10m bins
  • With bin collections occurring 5 nights a week across Australia, lets say about 2% of bins (that’s 200,000) are falling over a week spilling their rubbish into storm water drains. Think about what that number would look like on a global scale.
  • Industry analyst BIS Shrapnel’s latest report forecasts that residential building activity will reach a new high nationwide (of 190,000 new builds) over 2014/15…that means more bins and more rubbish!!
  • Australia is the 2nd largest waste producer per person in the world at 650kg per annum
  • So that’s 14.7m tonnes of unsecured rubbish that sits on our streets across Australia over the course of the year
  • Population growth in Australia is 1.7% , so this equation is only going to get worse
  • The great pacific garbage patch is the shocking reality of where our rubbish ends up. 80% of this enormous mass of rubbish which is predominately plastic comes from land sources so that’s plastic that is blown into our storm water systems and water ways from unsecured bins or other sources.

The environment will not fix itself we need to take action now to make sure generations to follow get to enjoy a clean and safe environment as we have. The clock is ticking.

So the real question isn’t Why do we need Envirolock?, its Why we would want to live without Envirolock?

Here is a short video of our bin lock working with a side arm loader.

Envirolock is a simple three piece mechanism that can be retro fitted to the front of your existing bin. This bin lock will prevent the lid from opening if the bin was to fall over. The bin lock is self released when picked up by the side arm collection truck.

The bin lock also has a padlock feature that enables the bin to be locked in-between collection dates. This will help eliminate contamination and fly tipping. Its important to remember that the padlock must be removed when placed out for collection in order for the bin lock to self release on pick up.

Envirolock secures household rubbish in the event of :

  • animal intrusion
  • strong winds
  • flash flooding
  • careless human interaction

A Simple Concept For An Effective Outcome

Environmental Issues

There has never been a better time to take action

So many times we hear people ask what can we do? The answer is simple take responsibility for your own rubbish by securing your wheelie bin when you place it out for curb side collection. If we all do our bit to stop litter leaving our own wheelie bin then imagine the impact of this on a global scale……its massive!!

Here are some helpful links to get more information about our bin lock

The Facts Many Don’t Know

There are 5 garbage patches in our oceans across the world. Australia is the second largest producer of waste per person in the world at 650kg per person. On average every year each Australian throws out:

  • 330kg of paper
  • 552kg of aluminium cans
  • 118kg of plastics
  • 74kg of metal
  • 414kg of food
  • 206kg of glass bottles

Australian’s use 3.92 billion plastic bags a year. 50 million plastic bags enter the australian litter stream every year.

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